Suboxone Clinic

Pain killer addiction is a very real, very serious issue today. With dependence on drugs such as Vicodin, Oxycontin and other opiate drugs on the rise, successful drug treatment programs are vital. Suboxone treatment is an effective method of helping patients overcome their addiction to pain killers and other opioids.  Waynesville Pharmacy offers the Suboxone Clinic as a service to the community, and the results have been excellent! Part of our mission is to promote health and wellness by providing quality health services at a reduced cost, and offering the Suboxone Clinic, a home-based detox program, is one means by which we accomplish this goal.

Patients begin the process of recovery by visiting the Waynesville Pharmacy Suboxone Clinic. After a thorough exam, a physician will determine if a patient is a candidate for Suboxone. Patients work one-on-one with our Doctor, Dr. Chuck Russell. Our team monitors the patient every step of the way, from the initial critical 24-72 hours, to several months after treatment.

The high success rate of our Suboxone Clinic can be attributed to many factors. First and foremost, the environment is very positive and Christian-based. Second, the ongoing support provided by our team instills success. Rehabilitation success depends on the ongoing support and counseling.

For more information about the Waynesville Pharmacy Suboxone Clinic, please contact us at 513-215-2154.

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